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Below is a detailed biographical list of technical support

About myself and my company Tekx Electronics:


I have been working in the field of professional recording studios since the late 1960’. This began in England where I was employed by two major recording studios, Wessex-Reed and Roundhouse. In 1976, I was asked to join LeStudio, Morin Heights, Quebec and later, in 1981, I joined Sounds Interchange in Toronto. At the end of my contract in 1995, I began offering my technical services to what has transpired to be, several hundred recording studios and audiophiles, nationally and internationally.


In 2005, I was asked by the renowned tape machine manufacturer Studer to represent them for reel-to-reel tape recorder service in Canada which included their 1/4” to 2” tape formats. I was also asked by Neumann-Sennheiser to represent them for microphone service.


I specialize in numerous audio products, from analogue and digital mixing consoles to outboard sound processing equipment, including Solid State Logic, Neve, Rupert-Neve Designs, Amek, AKG, UREI to name a few. As a result of my experiences I self published an 88 chapter book on all the technical aspects of the professional recording studio including subjects such as wiring and installations, tape magnetics, electronics, purchasing equipment (tips and tricks), troubleshooting, repairs and maintenance and pure electronic theory. The book entitled “The Bottomless Money Pit” is available through this website under "Publishing".


Some of the notable artists I have worked with include King Crimson, QUEEN, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Nazareth, April Wine, Cat Stevens, Chicago, RUSH, The Police, Sam Reid (Glass Tiger), The Tragically Hip, Blue Rodeo and The Barenaked Ladies.

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