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Authorized Studer Technician Services

Tekx Electronics offers comprehensive service to Studer and Revox tape machines. Roger has been servicing Studer tape machines since the late 1960's.


Roger's careful work and expertise in the care and maintenance of Studer tape machines came to the attention of Studer in 2005. In recognition of this Roger was appointed as Authorized Studer Technician for Canada the same year.


To assist in precise mechanical alignments, Roger owns a complete set of Studer precision gauge blocks (for A80, A800, A810, A812, A820 and A827 machines) which are essential for aligning zenith and head height, and a Studer reference lapping block for resurfacing tape heads. The gauges cover all professional formats from 1/4" to 2".


Roger is available to receive Studer and Revox tape machines by local drop off in Pickering, Ontario as well as machines shipped from anywhere in Canada and Internationally. On-site services can also be arranged for machines located within reasonable driving distance of Toronto. 


Rest assured if you love your Studer or your Revox and want it placed in expert hands you have arrived at the right place. 

Listed below are some of the basic services offered:

(latest additions in Red)

Machine List:

  • Studer: C37, J37, A80VU (-2,-4,-8,-16,-24), A80RC, A810, A812, A816, A820 (-2,-8,-24), A827 (-24)

  • Revox: A77, B77, PR99



  • Head relapping

  • Complete machine rebuilds including bearings, re-shimming

  • Brakes and brake bands

  • Reel-motor re-bearing

  • All mechanical alignments


Electrical/Electronic Services:

  • Power supplies

  • All transport and audio electronics –troubleshooting

  • Capacitor replacement

  • Electronic calibration and alignment

Upgrade Services including:

  • 318 Amorphous head/electronics installations


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