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Below is a detailed biographical list of technical support

London, UK (approx. 1969 - 1976)

  • Wessex-Reed Studios

  • Roundhouse Studios

  • Freelance technical support for Air (London) Studios, Audio International, Basing Street Studios, Lansdowne Studios,                 Polydor Studios, Pye Recording Studios 


Quebec (1976 - 1981)

  • Le Studio Morin Heights -André Perry

  • Filtroson Le Mobile -Guy Charbonneau with Jean-Luc Louradour

  • Freelance technical support for Listen Audio, Son Quebec, Studio Marko, Studio St.-Charles, Studio Tempo with Jean-Luc Louradour


Major Studio Installations & Technical Support, Ontario (1981 - present)

  • Sounds Interchange (1981 - 1995)

  • Colombyan Music -Danny Colomby

  • Stephan Moccio -Le Maison de Musique

  • Geddy Lee (RUSH)

  • Alex Lifeson (RUSH)

  • Amin Bhatia Music

  • Vyner Road Studios -Elliott Sairan

  • Modular Music -Bruce Fowler

  • Chalet Studios -David Chester

  • Steven Page (then Barenaked Ladies)

  • Jack Procher Productions

  • Greg Kavanagh Music

  • Alexus Records w/Rectech Rooms

  • Jim Creeggan (Barenaked Ladies)

  • DNA Recording Facilities –Chris Tedesco

  • Willow Music –Sam Reid (Glass Tiger)

  • Nouvelle Alliance -Clandro Cautillo

  • Footsteps Studios (Foley) -Andy Malcolm

  • Tattoo (TA2) Music -Steve Gadsden

  • Jukasa Studios w/Rectech Rooms

....additional Technical Support, Ontario (1981 -present)

  • Blue Summit Fort Erie -Mike Atherton

  • The Bathouse (Tragically Hip & Ken Friesen)

  • Craig Ross (Lenni Kravitz Band)

  • Mstrkrft -Al P

  • Lacquer Channel incl. Phil Demetro Mastering and Noah Mintz Mastering

  • Dirty Shorts Music, (Kingston & Toronto) -Johnny Fay

  • Phase One Studios -Barry Lubotta

  • Noble Street Studios -Chris Simon

  • Inception Sound -Chad Irschick

  • Wanted Post Production -John deNottbeck

  • Sound Lens -Ted Sevdalis

  • Halo Studios -Roman Marcone

RECORDING SESSIONS: Wessex-Reed Studios with Mike and Robin Thompson and Geoff Workman


  • Graham Bond & Pete Brown (Bond & Brown) “Two Heads are Better Than One”

  • Tucky Buzzard “All Right on the Night” produced by Bill Wyman (Rolling Stones)

  • The Pretty Things “Freeway Madness”



  • Cleo Laine “There’s Something Sad”

  • Martha Velez “Matinee Weepers”

  • Narnia “Narnia”

  • Blackwater Junction "Blackwater Junction" produced by Pip Williams & Johnny Goodison

  • QUEEN “Queen II” produced by Roy Thomas Baker + single “Seven Seas of Rhye”


1974 – 1975

  • QUEEN “Sheer Heart Attack” produced by Roy Thomas Baker + singles “Killer Queen” and “Keep Yourself Alive”

  • Chrysalis Records bought Wessex-Reed (June, 1974); artists included Jethro Tull, Deep Purple, The Robin Trower Band, Rory Gallagher and 10 Years After

  • Flirtations "Flirtations" produced by Keith Mansfield & Johnny Goodison

  • Technical support to Roundhouse Studios (London); artists included QUEEN, Uriah Heep, Jon Hiseman’s Colossieum II, Procol Harum, Manfred Mann and Gene Pitney.

  • Technical support and maintenance for Le Studio, Morin Heights, Quebec: Engineers: Ed Stasium, Nick Blagona (Le Studio co-designer) and Paul Northfield


RECORDING SESSIONS: Le Studio, Morin Heights


  • Pilot “Morin Heights”

  • Nazareth “Play’n the Game” produced by Nazareth’s Manny Charlton

1977 Filtroson Le-Mobile

  • with Jean-Luc Louradour, installed a vintage Neve console and Studer A80 & B67 tape machines in the distinguished mobile recording facility owned by Guy Charbonneau

  • provided technical support for live recording of Emerson, Lake & Palmer “Live at the Montreal Olympic Stadium”


  • Starcastle "Fountains of Light" produced by Roy Thomas Baker

  • Ian Hunter “Overnight Angels” produced by Roy Thomas Baker 

  • Crack The Sky "Safety In Numbers" produced by Rob Stevens & Nick Blagona

  • Nazareth “Expect No Mercy” produced by Nazareth’s Manny Charlton

  • Cat Stevens “Izitso”


  • Roberta Flack “Roberta Flack”

  • April Wine “First Glance” with Myles Goodwyn & Brian Greenway

  • Teaze “One Night Stands” produced by April Wine’s Myles Goodwyn 

  • Cat Stevens “Back to Earth”

  • Wilson Pickett “I Want You” produced by André Perry



  • Chicago “Chicago XIII" produced by Phil Ramone 

  • Streetheart “Under Heaven, Over Hell” produced by Nazareth’s Manny Charlton

  • Streetheart “Under My Thumb”

  • Streetheart “Quicksand Shoes”

  • April Wine “Harder Faster” with Myles Goodwyn & Brian Greenway

  • RUSH “Permanent Waves” produced by Terry Brown 

  • Wireless “No Static” produced by RUSH’s Geddy Lee 



  • RUSH “Moving Pictures” produced by Terry Brown

  • Walter Zwol & The Rage "Thrillz" produced by Walter Zwol



  • The POLICE "Ghost in the Machine - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" produced by Hugh Padgham

  • Additional clients included Jackie Ralph, Cliff Edwards and The Bells, Starcastle, Crack the Sky, Matt Minglewood Band, Garolou, Jean-Pierre Ferland, Kate & Anna McGarrigle, Nanette Workman and Robert Charlebois

1981 Sounds Interchange

  • Technical support


1983 Nimbus-9

  • With technician Andy Condon assisted on the recording of Boys Brigade, engineered by Nick Blagona and produced by Geddy Lee

1981 - 1995 Sounds Interchange

  • Artists included RUSH, Brian Greenway, Blushing Brides, Coney Hatch, Glass Tiger, Helix, Kim Mitchell, Parachute Club, The Spoons, Teenage Head, Tragically Hip, Anne Murray, Don Francks, The Bells and Moe Koffman

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